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What is BodyMind Bridge?

Do you ever get the feeling that your body is trying to tell you something? BodyMind Bridge can help you listen to what it is saying. When we take the time to quiet our minds and journey within, we can explore our truths, change our habits and even shift our physical symptoms.

Neuroscience tells us that 90% of our brain function is subconscious. Below the level of conscious thought, old patterns, habits, and ways of thinking can be deeply ingrained. In BodyMind Bridge, we use hypnotherapeutic trance to help you engage with these patterns in a playful and intentional way that opens up new pathways of being.


Unlike more traditional hypnotherapy, the BodyMind Bridge process is something we craft together. During the first part of your session, we will talk about where you are in your life, what symptoms your are experiencing, and what it is that you want to shift. I will guide you in crafting an intention that  focuses your energy and invokes these changes.


During the second part of the session, I will guide you into a trance state to find out what your body has to say about the issues you want to shift. By engaging with this inner imagery and giving it voice, we can create new narratives that support your growth and change current patterns. With BodyMind Bridge, it is possible to let go of your pain and suffering and bring more freedom and joy into your life.


If you want to learn to listen to your body’s voice, schedule a BodyMind Bridge session today and give yourself the gift of attention.

What people are saying...


My hypnotherapy session with Jen was a deep re-set for my body, mind and spirit. She skillfully guided me into a deeply relaxed state where I felt safe and supported. Her gentle questions allowed my subconscious mind to reveal insights that had previously been hidden to me. Ultimately, the session uncovered an emotional pattern that was hindering my ability to heal a chronic digestive disorder that was affecting my quality of life. Since the session, this condition has greatly improved and I have been more fluid in my thinking and spiritual practice. I appreciate Jen and her work very much, and highly recommend her to anyone seeking better health and wellness.

Jessica G 

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