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Breath Coaching

Like a lot of folks, I tried to do something productive during the Coronavirus downtime. I took several classes, read a lot of books, and learned many wonderful things.

One of the things I found most helpful in managing stress came from a training I took from the Yoga Teacher's College on Yoga Breathing. Some of the earliest references to the practices of Yoga had nothing to do with postures and movement. Instead, the focus was on meditation and breathwork. Breathwork is a powerful way of influencing your nervous system, as the ancient yogis taught, and it is an especially useful tool because it is always available to us.

When we learn to pay attention to our breath, we develop better breathing habits and also develop our powers of observation. We learn to tune in and to feel the state of our nervous system, while practicing the tools we need to influence it. We can find hidden reserves of energy, or calm a racing mind. After practicing these techniques for some months, I feel like I have developed a hidden superpower that has allowed me to handle stress with greater ease and grace. This healing journey is full of wonderful surprises and I am glad to be able to share them with you.


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